Spicy Chef

Stories and recipes from De Lindehof

Hassnae Bouazza & Soenil Bahadoer

Soenil Bahadoer’s kitchen is a place where East meets West. In his two star restaurant De Lindehof, situated in the Dutch town of Nuenen, he loves to surprise his guests’ taste buds. Soenil enriches cosmopolitan gastronomy with Surinam-Indian ingredients and flavours, with eye-catching and mouth-watering results. His dishes form a perfect fusion of Surinam street food and haute cuisine. Soenil Bahadoer is like culinary jazz-rock.

With over sixty recipes, Spicy Chef tells the story of his Surinam upbringing and the role that food played in his family. He offers tasty snacks, like brioche with dried salted cod and a compote of burnt tomatoes, as well as main dishes like candied peel rendang with ginger beer ice cream, and his family recipe for Surinam chow mein. The dishes in this beautiful, large book are easy to make, challenging and surprising, and form a good reflection of Soenil’s new Surinam cuisine.