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About De Arbeiderspers
De Arbeiderspers, founded in 1929, publishes Dutch and translated fiction and non-fiction. The company issues the works of famous and award-winning Dutch and Flemish authors, including Maarten ’t Hart, Anna Enquist, Arthur Japin, Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer and Tessa de Loo. Authors of both fiction and non-fiction, like Joke J. Hermsen and Joost Zwagerman, are also represented. The younger authors of the publishing house include Christiaan Weijts, Christophe Vekeman and Ineke Riem. In the field of foreign literature De Arbeiderspers may call itself the publisher of such authors as Paulo Coelho, Michel Houellebecq, Cormac McCarthy, Tim Parks, Ferdinand von Schirach and Ryszard Kapuscinski. On the backlist one will find classic authors such as Thomas Mann, Gustave Flaubert, Curzio Malaparte, George Orwell and John Updike – to mention a few.

About Querido
Dutch bookseller Emanuel Querido had been publishing books since 1903, but did not found his publishing house until a hundred years ago, in 1915. Throughout the years, Querido has specialized in high-quality Dutch fiction and poetry. Hella S. Haasse, Thomas Rosenboom, Bernlef, Toon Tellegen, Annejet van der Zijl and Tomas Lieske are only a few of the company’s award-winning authors. Recently, Querido’s younger authors, such as Marente de Moor and Gustaaf Peek, have become very succesful. Translations of foreign literature have been added to Querido’s list as well. As such, Sebastian Barry, Elfriede Jelinek, Wieslaw Mysliwski, Daniel Kehlmann, Patrick Modiano and Marlene van Niekerk have been published by the company.

Querido has been publishing children’s books since 1971, specializing in picture books, quality fiction for all age groups. Em. Querido’s Kinderboekenuitgeverij publishes 50 to 60 new titles yearly, mostly by Dutch and Flemish authors (80% of the books on the list were written in Dutch). Among them are many award winning and classic writers and illustrators, like Annie M.G. Schmidt, Fiep Westendorp, Guus Kuijer, Toon Tellegen, Bart Moeyaert, Simon van der Geest, Marit Törnqvist and Anna Woltz. Foreign authors and illustrators whose work has recently been published by Em. Querido’s Kinderboekenuitgeverij are Timothée de Fombelle, Cornelia Funke, Nicola Yoon, Shaun Tan, M.G. Leonard, Rebecca Stead and Marianne Dubuc.

About publishing house Q
Publishing house Q started in 2006 as an imprint, but has now become an independent publishing house within Singel Publishers. Q is aimed at upmarket commercial fiction. Amongst others, Q publishes the translated works of Elia Barceló, Arnaldur Indridason, Unni Lindell and James Dashner. Books by Dutch authors Annet de Jong, Ellen den Hollander and Hilde Vandermeeren are also issued by Q.

About Athenaeum – Polak & Van Gennep
Athenaeum has been publishing fiction, poetry and non fiction since 1962, specializing in classic authors of all times and places. Our backlist includes works by Elias Canetti, Dante Alighieri, Willem Elsschot, Desiderius Erasmus, Homer, James Joyce, Franz Kafka, Niccolò Machiavelli and Michel de Montaigne. Over the years, Athenaeum – Polak & Van Gennep has also established an excellent reputation with high quality non-fiction. Bestselling titles on this list are the books by Fik Meijer about ancient times, and ‘Keep Your Brain Running’ by Erik Scherder. Translations of foreign titles include the works of Tom Holland and Ben Kane. Athenaeum – Polak & Van Gennep also focuses on high quality travel guides and books about religion and art.

About Nijgh & Van Ditmar
Nijgh & Van Ditmar is one of the oldest publishing houses in the Netherlands, but one of the youngest at heart. The fiction list is famous for its classical twentieth-century Dutch authors such as J. Slauerhoff, Nescio and F. Bordewijk. In recent years, this list has been enriched by writers who share a strong sense of realism enlivened by wit and an unpretentious idiosyncrasy. Among them are Arnon Grunberg, Erik Jan Harmens, Lisette Lewin, Nicolien Mizee, Marja Pruis and Robbert Welagen. Nijgh & Van Ditmar has also been expanding their fiction list with Dutch translations, including those of works by Roddy Doyle, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Patrick deWitt and Sarah Waters. The non-fiction list includes topics ranging from lyrics and cabaret to travel and culture.
In 2018, a new, culinary list was started: Nijgh Cuisine. This imprint is the home of prominent cookbook authors like Yvette van Boven, Onno Kleyn, Alice Waters and Joris Bijdendijk.

About De Geus
Since 1983, De Geus has been one of the most prominent and distinguished literary publishing houses of the Netherlands. The firm publishes Dutch and translated literary works, as well as non-fiction and thrillers, and houses (internationally) renowned authors such as Karl Ove Knausgård, Roslund & Hellström, Henning Mankell, Alice Munro, Colm Tóibín, Esther Gerritsen, Jaap Robben, Charles den Tex, Annelies Verbeke and many others. De Geus stands for literature that matters; written works that are characterized by their depth and social concern. Diversity is of great importance for this company: it attempts to publish male and female authors in equal measure and seeks to give voice to those who lack it. Here, literary quality is key. Furthermore, De Geus is very proud of the many Nobel Prize Recipients it represents. The publisher’s name refers to the company’s characteristics: vigor, independence, and the will to contribute to that which moves humanity.
In the spring of 2016, the publishing house moved to Amsterdam to become part of Singel Uitgeverijen. Here, though with some new flair, De Geus continues on its previous course, maintaining their traditionally broad and curious view of the world.

About SubQ
SubQ is a brand-new publisher of graphic novels and other visual stories in The Netherlands. SubQ is a portmanteau of crossmedia production studio ‘Submarine’ and ‘Q’ Publishers.
SubQ will be translating masterpieces from the world of graphic novels in Dutch, making these seminal works accessible for the Dutch speaking readership. We will serve as a springboard for a new talent who are eager to break into comics. Together with them we will develop original graphic novels about the people, places and events that shape today’s culture.
We believe that compelling visual narratives told by great artists are not tied to any specific medium. SubQ strives to bring stories that may transcend their original medium and gain a new life in film, animation, interactive, exhibition. Or vice versa.